Enviromar Consulting was established in 2008 to provide consultancy and advice on waste water treatment, integrated waste management and regulatory aspects within the Maritime Industry.

The consultancy service is tailored to the client's specific requirements; which in many cases are in response to the changing demands of both the regulator and in the case of the Cruise owners leading the world in shipboard operations to promote sustainable practices within their ships. Our particular expertise is within the Cruise and Military sector where rapid advances have been made in both the system suppliers and the technologies employed in meeting these ever increasing demands.

Before any solution is proposed to the client, we invest time in understanding the demands on the waste water system including a thorough knowledge of the current and future operational profile. Once this is achieved we put our accumulated experience to work to deliver regulatory compliant, cost effective technical solutions tailored to each specific ship application.

We recognise that, when making complex decisions on waste management and the future compliance of your ships, you want to know that you receive fair and impartial advice in reaching your decisions. Enviromar Consulting can provide this service and guide you in shaping your fleet's environmental compliance both now and in future. Our mission is to identify the optimum waste water solutions for our client's needs.

We aim to assist ship owners and operators to enhance their green credentials. Sustainable shipping is the only way to minimise the environmental impact of the ship on the world's oceans. The Cruise lines have lead the way over the last decade and continue to invest in ground-breaking technologies and operational practices.

Enviromar Consulting will support our client's when making capital investments, by providing independent advice and guidance on the choice of solution available. Once this has been made we look to optimise the capital and operational investment across the total waste water supply and technology chain.

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The Director has over 30 years experience the maritime sector; Initially as a Naval Architect in ship design and new construction with Swan Hunter shipbuilders in the UK, then as a Ship Surveyor for the classification society, Lloyds Register, and prior to establishing the consultancy as a Divisional managing director of Hamworthy plc. Leading Hamworthy water systems on waste water and water management systems supply has provided extensive experience, culminating in over 50 advanced wastewater plants and more than 5000 traditional systems being supplied over the 16 years in charge.

We are able to draw on this extensive experience gained, particularly during the evolution of the waste water regulations such as Alaska in the late 1990's and the system technologies specifically developed in response. These advanced systems featured ground-breaking technology in the maritime sector. This innovation is continuing to develop further as greater scientific knowledge and public awareness is gained on sustainable development.

A personal approach

Our personal service is exemplified by the fact that you will have a single-point contact throughout our relationship. This partnership will greatly assist in refining your operational practices and system monitoring to ensure that your waste water system is up to date and compliant. Throughout the life of the system we can have regular reviews as regulations change and technologies and operational practices are modified in response to the OEM's.

Core values

Our core values; quality, integrity and innovation are central in our mission to supply cost-effective, sustainable waste water consultancy advice to the Maritime Industry.

Enviromar Consulting Ltd

In-depth understanding

Enviromar Consulting starts by building a clear picture of a client's needs taking into account their objectives both today and in the longer term, for example where Cruise ships can have a trading life of over 35 years. Having established a sound understanding of these requirements, we will focus on delivering a wastewater solution that meets your demands. We then embark upon a structured evaluation that will provide a robust system solution right from the conceptual design stage to onboard compliance and verification testing. International rules and regulations such as IMO, have traditionally taken many years to formulate and even longer to ratify by the flag states. However, in recent years growing concern regarding the environmental impact of ships has meant that the International regulations have undergone significant change. Regionally sensitive areas such as Alaska, Baltic and the Mediterranean have increased demands on ships entering their regions generated by public awareness and in some cases misconception on the environmental impact. Enviromar Consulting are able to assist the Maritime community to gain a better understanding of the consequences of the increasing standards.

Planning ahead

If you are considering replacing or upgrading your waste water system careful planning is essential. A thorough knowledge of the key stages from design through to implementation is vital. Our experience gained through directing over 50 advanced wastewater plants in all of the major sectors: Cruise, Military, and Offshore will assist in avoiding project overruns being both time and cost effective.

Managing your wastewater systems

We can also assist in fleet service agreements for your shipboard systems dealing directly with OEM's, or alternatively facilitate meetings with the aim of reducing operational spend, minimising downtime and ensuring regulatory compliance.


Our main areas of activity are:

  • Feasibility studies on alternative technologies
  • Preparation of ship specifications
  • Advice on optimising and streamlining waste water management practices
  • Advice on Integrated waste management
  • Assessment of OEM's and their technologies and proposed solution
  • Ship surveys, waste water system audits
  • Advice on through the life cost reduction – capital spend, consumable and maintenance
  • Assist in contract negotiation for retrofit applications
  • Training of waste water systems, Integrated waste management
  • Facilitate cruise lines, regional authorities and ports in developing sustainable strategies

Several technical papers have been written on a number of different subjects related to marine waste water. Some are included here for your information:



The optimisation of membrane bioreactor technology
for use in the treatment of marine wastewater

Enviromar Consulting Ltd

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